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Simple Website Marketing Tips Small Businesses Are Missing Out On

Your business website is meant to convince prospective customers to schedule an appointment, buy online, or take some other valuable action that will yield revenue for your company later on.

Our website marketing tips are easy for small businesses to implement but many have yet to do so.

The following points will help you to: get found online, deliver a great first impression, and measure your online marketing success.

1. Has your website been indexed by Google?

Indexing is the process by which Google shows your website on The simplest way to get Google to index your site is to provide it with a sitemap which is a page with all associated links of your site. By letting Google know what’s on your site, it doesn’t have to find it on its own meaning that it can show your website online sooner to your prospective customers.

Website indexed by Google
Search for us on Google and we show up.

2. Does your website work well on mobile devices?

Nowadays, people visit websites on their smartphones. For this reason, it’s important that you have a website that loads quickly on mobile devices and that has clickable actions such as “Call Now” buttons or links that website visitors can easily click on to call your office.

page friendly website
Our website is mobile friendly.

3. Has the Facebook Pixel been installed on your website?

The Facebook Pixel allows you to run ads to website visitors across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and more. You want to have it installed as it will allow you to share targeted advertising to those people that already know about your company but that may not have taken an action, such as making a call to your office.

facebook pixel on website
We track website visitors using the Facebook Pixel.

4. Is Google Analytics tracking your website visitors?

Google Analytics allows you to learn where your website visitors come from and to measure the actions those visitors took. This helps you determine the number of calls or form submissions your website received and this in effect makes it possible for you to understand what your website is providing in terms of return on investment.

google analytics data from website
Google Analytics helps us learn about our website traffic.


The website marketing tips above are easy to follow and can provide tremendous opportunities for small businesses looking to gain traffic online. Don't put it off to another day and fall behind the competition. Take action today by visiting the links provided and take the right step to improve your website presence.


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