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REN Marketing Miami

Established in 2017, REN Marketing LLC is a digital agency helping businesses grow their online presence and sales.

Our strategies focus on the long-term. The buyer journeys we develop serve customers from their initial point of contact with a brand, to purchase, and all the way to retention.

Julio Benavides and Franco Aquino from REN Marketing

Franco Aquino, Co-founder

Franco is a graduate of Florida International University, where he studied Finance and Marketing. His previous experience consists of continuous improvement at United Technologies, marketing research at Raymond James, business development at AdMobilize, and operations at JOUST Services.

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Julio Benavides, Co-founder

Julio is a graduate of Florida International University, where he studied Marketing and International Business. Prior to starting REN Marketing, he interned at Tinzi Marketing, Roaring Concepts by the American Marketing Association at FIU, and was creative director at JOUST Services.

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