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Dog Grooming Advertising Leads to Almost 500 Clients in 2 Months

Purrfect Grooming is a mobile dog and cat grooming company serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties. What sets them apart is their subscription model that allows pet owners to receive consistent grooming services at an affordable price.

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Read on to learn how we were able to help Purrfect Grooming get to almost 500 clients in the first two months they opened their doors.

The Challenge of Generating Clients for a New Grooming Business

Purrfect Grooming opened its van doors in mid-April 2023. With any new business, generating sales is vital. In this case, Purrfect needed to reach a certain number of monthly clients in order to cover the cost of their new vans, employees, and other expenses. They were starting off from zero.

The problem was that with so many marketing channels available, they had to focus on the channels with the greatest chance of success.

The Solution: Online Dog Grooming Advertising

We started running dog grooming advertising campaigns on Google. Right away, it was a big success. The reason was simple: pet owners go to Google to look for groomers, they call them right away, and they book appointments as soon as possible, even for the same day.

Targeting the Right Audience, Effectively

Our campaigns ran from Miami-Dade to Broward counties. After only a few weeks, we started reaching 200+ grooming prospects per month.

dog grooming advertising on Google

To this day, Google is a powerful channel for them, bringing in high-quality prospects for their services.

As part of our Google ads offering, we also did the following:

  • Kept an eye on their sales team: We recorded all campaign calls to ensure that on one hand, our lead quality was good, and on the other, that the receptionist was effectively booking appointments.

  • Managed the landing pages: Every paid advertising campaign needs a fast-loading and value-focused page to generate leads. We made sure the page we managed had a high conversion rate.

dog grooming landing page

  • Held a monthly follow-up: Each month we spoke to our client about how the month performed in order to act on improvement opportunities and measure results.

Next Steps for Purrfect Grooming

The Purrfect Grooming team has been a great team to work with. They've since taken their marketing efforts in-house but stand as a valuable reference for us, and a potential partner for future projects.


If you own a dog grooming business, it may be tough to consistently get new clients. Rest assured that with the right guidance from our team, you'll be able to improve your customer acquisition process. If you'd like to discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.


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