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How a Dental Office Got New Patients and a $60K Implant Case

Gemini Dental is a dental practice with two locations in Miami, FL. In early 2020, right before the Pandemic began, we started working together to grow their online presence and generate new dental appointments with digital marketing strategies.

dental office

The Problem The Practice Faced

When we started working with Gemini, they had been in business for over 20 years. As a successful dental practice, they did well with their referral business but knew they had to adopt a solid digital marketing strategy to stay relevant in an ever-changing competitive landscape.

In the past, they had made attempts to promote themselves with Google Ads, billboards, and other media but they had no trackable results to show.

The Solution To Generating New Patients

The dentists were interested in what we provided because we were using CallRail, a call tracking system for all of the campaigns that allowed us to measure campaign performance. They saw the value in CallRail and felt comfortable that we would be able to show them results plus how their budget was being spent. Here’s a breakdown of the services we rendered and how they assisted the business.

Promoting the Dental Practice with Google Ads

We knew from early on that Google would be the go-to platform for generating new patients. The reason was simple, consumers use Google Search to find dentists for emergency dental care, implant consultations, and more.

When we started running ads, we immediately started getting calls to both dental offices. The best part was that we were recording the calls and knew who was calling and for what services. Each month they were generating new patients for work from routine cleanings to tooth extractions.

Perhaps the most amazing part of the campaign was that a few months in, they acquired a new patient that had searched for “dentist near me” and had come across Gemini. That patient ended up spending around $60,000 for dental implant work. Needless to say, the dentists were happy that the ads got them that patient.

Dental PPC Ads

Showcasing the quality dental work with Facebook Ads

As a way of complementing our Google ads efforts, we implemented a social media strategy using Facebook and Instagram ads to drive awareness and traffic to the Gemini brand.

Instrumental to this was the use of professional-level video production that focused on areas including dental implants, new patient specials, and veneers (see example video below).

The Facebook ads raised brand awareness in front of people within a five-mile radius from each office and led to an increased number of calls for new patient appointments.

Delivering a professional first impression with a website redesign

After the paid campaigns started delivering results, we had the opportunity to redesign their website. We went from an outdated, non-mobile-friendly site with limited information, to one that worked smoothly on mobile, providing information on all dental services offered at the locations, and that prioritized phone calls.

Dental Website Redesign

Improving the appointment setting process

As the dental office received inbound calls from our ads, we were listening (with consent from both sides, using HIPAA compliant CallRail software) to what was being said and most importantly what wasn’t being said. These call recordings provided us with improvement opportunities to act on. We did so, by implementing a call script (see an example script here).

Areas we improved on included making sure all staff knew of the available special offers and actively asking the caller to schedule an appointment. This resulted in increasing the rate at which callers scheduled an appointment. Even now, after having improved the process, we’re paying attention to the calls, to make sure we’re getting the right callers and sharing any opportunities with the dental office.

Next Steps

Over the next several months we aim to continue delivering quality paid campaign work as well as improving their appointment setting process. Furthermore, we expect to dive into organic search traffic and continue to increase their online reputation.


Companies must continue to reinvest in their own marketing efforts so as to maintain a competitive edge. We’ve helped Gemini Dental do so and we can help your practice as well. To learn how we can help your company with digital marketing, contact us.


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