How A Dog Daycare Got On Track To Reach 7 Figures

Bark Square opened its doors for the first time in January 2021 and offered a breadth of services, from dog daycare and boarding to grooming and an indoor dog park.

dog daycare marketing strategy

Here's the story of how our team helped the company launch, acquire hundreds of prospects, and get on track to reach the seven-figure mark.

The Problem

Our team met with Bark Square in November 2020 after a colleague recommended that they seek our marketing advice before launch. During our initial discovery meeting, we identified the company's marketing strategy strengths as well as its weaknesses. While Bark Square was a novel concept as it would be the first indoor dog park in the area, the marketing plan in place lacked the most important ingredient: traffic.

The main strategy the company had at the time was content creation, with the expectation that it would yield results.

But from our experience working with several businesses, we knew that sharing content on Facebook and Instagram alone wasn't going to bring in any new clientele.

We had to switch up the move to be one that would generate buzz and traffic while most importantly, getting appointments for its main services: daycare, boarding, and grooming.

The Solution

We knew that in order for the company to get new customers, it needed to run paid advertising campaigns online to reach people within a 10-mile radius. For that reason, we implemented campaigns targeting dog owners on two channels: Google and Facebook.

Showing up for relevant searches on Google

Google Ads was the first platform we ran because of the quality of the leads we knew we would generate. We ran ads on Google Search whenever someone would search for "dog boarding" or "dog grooming" within a 10-mile radius of the facility.

google for dog daycare

This led to Bark Square getting many calls from dog owners ready to make a purchase. In fact, many of the callers did go to Bark Square the first month the campaign ran.

Running impactful creative on Facebook and Instagram

facebook ads for dog daycare

To complement the Google Ads campaigns we ran, we executed a social campaign across Facebook and Instagram that focused on sharing images/videos of the dog facility. The images and video presented a list of the services Bark Square offered as well as helped to showcase the interior of the facility as the indoor dog park was a novel concept we knew would draw attention.

The use of social helped us reach thousands of people in the area and led to many phone calls and form submissions from interested people who were considering travel and would need a trustworthy daycare partner down the road.

Sales Process Improvement

While these campaigns ran, our team was on the sidelines, paying attention to every detail and communicating opportunities with Bark Square. More specifically, we were listening to calls (with permission through a call disclaimer of course) to identify what should be said or shouldn't be said on the calls to increase the likelihood that callers would come into the facility for their chosen service.

This proved to be useful as we learned to increase actual show-ups by simply providing a call to action on the calls in the form of asking prospects when they'd like to visit.

Next Steps for Bark Square

Bark Square is now on track to reach the seven-figure mark. We're happy to have been able to help them get to where they are now and look forward to growing with them. Over the next several months, we expect to tackle website redesign, SEO strategy, email marketing, and more.


A company won't always get its marketing plan right the first time. It usually helps to get another set of eyes to critique and determine what might be missing. We've been there for Bark Square and we can be there for you. If you're interested in our pet marketing services, contact us.