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Dental Marketing Agencies: How to Choose the Right One

Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing. Without a plan, however, you could waste both time and money. Instead, consider partnering with a dental marketing agency this year.

Using marketing for dental practices can help you expand your reach online. You can engage and attract new patients to your practice. Working with a dental marketing company, meanwhile, can save you valuable time.

You can improve your ROI and set your practice up for lasting growth, too.

Not sure how to choose between dental marketing agencies? Here are a few tips that can help.

dental marketing agencies

With these tips, you can narrow down your options and find the best agency for your practice. Then, you can draw in new patients and begin to expand.

Read on to learn how to choose a dental marketing agency today!

1. Understand Your Needs

The top three challenges marketers say they face include:

  • Engaging customers in real-time

  • Creating a cohesive journey across all platforms

  • Innovating

Consider the specific challenges your dental practice has experienced in the past year. For example, maybe you're struggling to generate website traffic. Without website traffic, consumers won't learn about your business.

You might struggle to generate high-quality leads as a result.

Perhaps consumers don't realize your dental practice exists in the first place. In that case, you might want to focus on branding. Building brand awareness and recognition can help you remain top of mind.

Considering your challenges will help you pinpoint your distinct marketing needs. Understanding your needs can help you find an agency qualified to help.

Once you determine your distinct marketing needs, think about the services you might request.

Consider the last time you updated your branding or website. Old branding could make it difficult for you to stand out from competitors. An old website can scare potential clients away.

Your website will also operate as the backbone for other marketing strategies, including:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Content creation

  • Email marketing

  • Pay-per-click advertising

As you interview each dental marketing agency on your list, ask about the services they offer. Which services would they suggest?

The best dental marketing company will help by developing a customized strategy based on your needs. Then, you can overcome those challenges and set your practice up to grow.

2. Check for a Sizeable Portfolio

The best dental marketing agencies will want to show off their successes. They're likely proud of the work they've done in the past. As you research each dental marketing agency, look at their portfolio.

Review their previous projects. Then, determine if they're capable of meeting your needs and expectations.

Focus on projects that are specific to the services you're interested in.

For example, you might want to look at the dental websites they've worked on. Are those websites creative, engaging, and easy to explore?

Read over some of the copy they've written for themselves and other clients, too. Is the copywriting strong and compelling?

Make sure their portfolio includes multiple projects over the years. Consider how many dental practices they've helped, too. Their relevant experience could benefit your campaigns.

An experienced dental marketing agency won't waste your time. They'll use their previous experience to help your practice grow.

3. Find a Specialized Team

It's also important to make sure the dental marketing agency is equipped with the experts you need.

For example, you wouldn't want to hire an agency for website design if they don't employ a designer. Instead, look over their staff page. You can check their LinkedIn page to learn about the team, too.

Look for an experienced team that covers the specific areas of expertise you need. For example, you might want to find a team with a:

  • Copywriter

  • Web designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Social media manager

  • Paid advertising manager

Choose a dental marketing company that offers expertise specific to your marketing needs. They'll have an easier time answering your questions and offering help.

4. Look for Social Proof

Social proof includes testimonials and reviews from the company's previous clients. It can include case studies, too. Reviewing social proof can give you further insight into the agency.

Look for dental marketing agencies that already have a strong reputation. Check for comments about how they communicate, too. Are they available to help clients in need?

If you can, try to find reviews from other dental practices in the area, too.

5. Consider Their Core Values

Check the company's website to learn more about its core values. You'll want to work with a dental marketing agency that shares your values. Otherwise, they might not work well with your team.

The dental marketing company should operate as an extension of your business.

Finding an agency with the right culture and values can save you stress in the long run. If they don't operate the same way, you might hit roadblocks.

6. Look for a Well-Designed Site

Remember, you'll want to find a team that offers the expertise you need. With that in mind, make sure the company uses its own services. For example, the agency should have a well-designed website.

Does their website show off their projects, expertise, and capabilities? Does it look crisp and eye-catching?

If the website is low-quality, choose a different dental marketing agency. You don't want to hire a team incapable of meeting your expectations.

7. Read Through Their Blog

You can also determine if the agency has the expertise you need by reviewing their blog. An experienced dental marketing agency will likely use SEO and content creation.

Read over their recent posts. What topics do they cover? Determine if the agency is able to answer your questions within a post.

Reading their blog can help you determine if they'll fully understand their own industry.

8. Consider Their Guarantees

The agency you choose shouldn't make outlandish claims or promises. They can't anticipate how Google will rank your website or blogs. They can't know for sure an email will entice new patients.

Instead, they should help you remain realistic while choosing tactics that can accomplish your goals.

9. Make Sure They Communicate

Before choosing a team, ask how they'll communicate with you. Make sure they'll keep you up-to-date.

If there's a problem with your campaigns, they should let you know before wasting your time and money.

Brush Up: 9 Tips for Finding the Best Dental Marketing Agencies

Without a plan, you could waste time trying to choose between dental marketing agencies. Instead, use these simple tips. With these tips, you can narrow down the selection to find the best in the business.

Eager to start marketing? We're here to help.

Get in touch with our team today to get started.


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