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Why Sharing Content On Instagram Won't Help Your Business As Much As You Think It Will

We've spoken to many business owners that believe that sharing content on Instagram is THE online strategy to generate new clients. Unfortunately, Instagram is a tactic, not a strategy to rely on for sales. This article covers why only sharing content on Instagram isn't worth much but what you can do to make it work right.

Organic Instagram Reach Is Dead

Back in the early days of Instagram, users could share an image, and the platform would distribute that content to a broad group. Nowadays, if you share a piece of content, it's likely that the only users that will come across it are your followers.

If your business is looking for new customers, there's no benefit if each image or video you post will be seen only by those that follow you. If your account has 100 followers, you may get 30 or 50 views or reach (the number of people that see your post) - that's it.

And that's because the system is now competitive and pay to play, meaning that you must pay to get more eyeballs on your posts. More eyeballs equate to more potential customers seeing your offer and, so, a greater likelihood of sales.

Pay To Play on Instagram

Given that you must pay to get greater reach, it's vital that Instagram advertising complements your online posting efforts. By running ads, you're able to show your business in front of people that meet your ideal characteristics. On Instagram, these characteristics can be:

  • Demographics such as age and gender

  • Location by zip code or radius around your office

  • Interests like brands and activities

  • Behaviors such as shopping and device usage

With a budget of $100, you may be able to expose your brand to around 10,000 people in your area. Putting it simply, by running ads, you're making it possible for people around your location to know you exist. The second part of the equation is to get them to take action, such as calling your business or making a purchase online. But that's all about having high converting landing pages, a topic for another day but one that you can learn about here: How to improve a lead generation landing page


Instagram is all the talk these days as everyone's on it. But businesses shouldn't expect new sales from solely sharing content. On top of sharing content, there needs to be a paid component with Instagram ads. This way, the business can reach a new audience that doesn't already know about the company.

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