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How to Schedule Business Appointments Online Amid COVID-19

Chances are that if you're a service provider, your customers aren't willing to show up in person as they normally would, given the Coronavirus pandemic.

Regardless of what service you provide, if you can perform your service to people over the internet, then you should do your best to set up business appointments online.

In this article, we're going to mention two tools that you can use together to have appointments online.

1. Book Business Appointments Online With Calendly

Calendly is a great online booking tool that allows you to share your schedule with customers so that they can choose a time that works for them.

The tool also allows you to:

  • Send email and text message reminders

  • Charge for appointments

  • Connect with a variety of online conferencing tools

how to set up business appointments online
Screenshot of Calendly interface

You can get started by signing up for Calendly here.

2. Communicate with your customers via Google Hangouts

Booking appointments is the first half of the process.

The other half is to incorporate a tool that will allow you and your customers to interact via video or audio conferencing.

Our tool of choice is Google Hangouts as it's free with every Gmail account.

Once connected with Calendly, it will allow participants to:

  • Connect using the Google Hangouts platform or by dialing in with a phone number that's automatically generated

  • Share their screens

Google hangout interface for online appointments during coronavirus
Screenshot of Google Hangouts interfact

We hope that this information is valuable in helping you schedule online appointments with your customers.

If you need help generating leads for these appointments, contact us.


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