• Valerie Köster

What are the brands with the most effective ads?

What if they told you that viral content is not always the most successful?

Yes, memes and viral content are great at connecting with people but are not necessarily synonymous with effectiveness.

I bet you have seen an advertisement that made you see life differently or change your way of thinking about a brand.

And you're remembering it now ...

That is an effective advertisement.

An effective ad makes the audience understand what they are trying to say and stick with the message.

Now, talking about brands and ads. There are many on the market, but really only a few are the ones that are making a difference.

In a list by Warc, brands with the most effective ads in 2019 are mentioned.

According to this data, the most effective campaign of the year was from Procter & Gamble for its Tide brand: “It’s a Tide’s Ad”

Other brands like Unilever and McDonalds enter the list of best ads.

See the complete list here:

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