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What are the best ways to promote a new law firm?

Like most service providers, law firms need lead generation strategies to turn prospects into new clients. In this article, we share three marketing tips to help new lawyers get started generating legal consultations, and as a result, new clients.

Show your law firm on Google Maps with Google My Business

Whenever an Internet user searches for “lawyer near me” on Google, several law firms show up within the Google Maps feature. These spots are made possible through Google My Business accounts. These are vital as they allow firms to present a website link, a phone number, a business address, and more, directly on Google.

google my business law firms
Google My Business listings from "lawyer near me" search in Miami, FL

For your law firm to have increased chances of appearing for Google searches, it’s highly recommended to create and manage your GMB account. You can do so here:

Google My Business for lawyers is only one option. The second is running online advertising campaigns.

Pay to play with Paid Advertising

Google My Business is a great first tip to implement as it's free and easy to set up. However, with Google My Business, the further away from your office someone is when they search for you, the lower the likelihood that your law office will appear in the search results. This is because the law is a very competitive space, and you're competing against dozens of others in your area.

For this reason, there are times where you'll want to incorporate paid advertising into your business plan. The reason is that by paying to promote your firm, you are guaranteed to reach new people.

Here's how paid advertising works:

  1. Run ads on Google, Facebook, or Instagram

  2. Users see your ad and call you directly

  3. Your team schedules a consultation with the lead

  4. You speak to the lead and convert them to a paid client

Here's a screenshot of a family law campaign we ran for a family lawyer with a budget of about $600 and across the Google network. As you can see, they were able to obtain 9 leads for about $66 each.

Family Law Lead Generation Services
Image of family law Google campaign results

Depending on the law area that you practice, you may also want to consider other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, it's important to understand that while generating leads with paid advertising can yield results right away; it can take time to continuously improve campaigns to the level that the lead quality is good and the cost per lead is appropriate.

Set up your free lawyer profile on Legal Directories

Based on discussions we've had with lawyers, many of them have been able to get some consultations through legal directories on which they are listed. These directories are great as they generally provide lawyers the opportunity to showcase free profiles that users can find when they search for lawyers on their websites.

The downside is that the consultation traffic from directories can be slow.

Nonetheless, spending an hour or two of your time to create a free profile and potentially getting a client sounds like a good deal.

Some legal directories you can check out:


We hope that you were able to learn a few ways on how to get new clients for your law firm.

If you're interested in discussing these items and obtain a free audit of your firm, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us.


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