• Valerie Köster

Starbucks takes advantage of artificial intelligence to help its collaborators

A few years ago when we wanted to talk to our family, we would go out to the corner, put a few coins in the payphone and dial a number.

When we wanted to rent a movie, we would go to Blockbuster.

Or when we wanted to listen to music we would put our CD in the CD player to listen to our favorite artist.

However, as the years have passed, technology has made life easier for us.

Now we have iPhones, Netflix and Spotify.

Over time, technology has allowed us to improve processes and the quality of services such as customer service.

But now when we discuss customer service, we must also talk about artificial intelligence (AI).

But really, how do these two complement each other?

Companies are using AI to improve their customer service, lightening the burden on their staff and further personalizing their service.

A good example is Starbucks.

They are using AI to help workers, freeing up time and resources.

With his own artificial intelligence, “Deep brew”, he has managed to simplify routine elements, such as calculating inventory needs, predicting how many baristas it will take per day to meet consumer demand, etc., thereby improving store efficiency.

So the time that workers don't spend doing those little jobs can be spent on improving the quality of customer service.

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