• Valerie Köster

How to make people find YouTube videos easier

If you are on YouTube it is essential to know how to use organic positioning.

You will reach more people without investing money.

Did you know that YouTube organizes search results according to title, description, number of visits and rating?

Look at these tips.

1. In the video title (60 characters) use keywords that describe your video, be clear and use those which you think your viewers would use in their search.

2. Description of the video. Describe in a few lines what your video is about, use words as clear as possible that a user could type in the search engine

3. Tags. The order of the tags is important as they are read through a string. Use tags that describe the theme of the video and don't forget to add your own brand hashtag

4. Branding. Place the logo on the entire video, you can also add some links and contact information, as well as your other social networks in the description.

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