• Valerie Köster

Creating your ideal client profile

Understanding a consumer is not easy.

Not knowing them can make you lose hundreds of dollars every day.

But sometimes it's just a matter of asking some extra questions to understand what can be done to improve their experience.

Creating a prospect customer or buyer persona can help you see aspects that you were not seeing.

This is a key factor in your marketing strategy and will help you adapt your product or service better, to satisfy your customer.

We all know the basic segmentation aspects of traditional marketing such as: age, sex, place, income, family, etc. In addition to taking these into account, you can generate more complex factors by asking some questions like:

-What problem do they have or what benefit are they looking for?

-What activities are they interested in?

-What social networks or media do they use?

-What brands or influencers do they follow?

-What are their job goals or what personal plans do they have?

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