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Attract more people to your LinkedIn profile

Attract more people to your LinkedIn profile

Most of us want to grow at work.

Therefore, we all create LinkedIn profiles with our skills, jobs, and education.

We hope that new contacts see our profile and are interested in hiring us or working together on a project.

But on day 2, nothing, ... day 6, nothing ... next month, nothing

We think: Am I doing something wrong? I have put all my relevant information.

No, you are not doing something wrong, it really is something YOU ARE NOT DOING ...

The SECRET to attract people to your video, profile, blog, etc. has a name: SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Attract people to your LinkedIn profile by adding Keywords

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “natural” search results on search engines - in this case, LinkedIn (though Google does refer traffic to your profile as well).

So if you use correct keywords in job titles, skills, studies, etc. you can be found easier by potential recruiters or clients.

See this complete guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile

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