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Increase Your Family Law Firm Revenue

immigration law google lead generation

The problem: You're not getting new clients 

Chances are that you're currently relying on referrals and it might be going well. 

But you know that sometimes they can run low. 

Even then, when referrals run low, your expenses stay the same. 

The best time to tackle the problem of not getting new clients is now.

The solution: Advertise on Google

Do you know where your prospective clients go when they need to speak to a lawyer for their divorce, child custody, or alimony case? 

Google - that is!

That's because Google is where people go to find solutions to their problems. 

And it's possible that you do the same when you need an answer. 

This is the reason you NEED to be on Google.

But here's the thing, without the proper SEO, you won't show up on the first page of Google search results. 

That's where we come in. 

If you're looking to get more phone calls for your law firm, we can implement a Google lead generation strategy to get the attention of people that need your family law services. 

When they search for, "family lawyer", you'll show up on the first page because we're paying for advertising. From there, we take them to a special landing page where they can give you a call or fill out a contact form for more information. It's all tracked and branded with your firm in mind. 

Read on to see how we help you generate more leads and as a result, increased revenues. 

Target people in your city

Through Google's Ads Manager, we're able to set up a campaign that will show our ads in front of people that are searching for "family lawyers", "divorce lawyers", etc. 


Even better, we can narrow down to only target people in your area of business.


Here's a sample ad that we ran for an immigration law firm in Miami, FL. 

immigration lawyer search volume on goog

Collect lead information

Our goal with each campaign is to land you more leads. 

The more leads you have, the more chances you have at acquiring new clients and as a result, generating more business revenue. 

As a result, we focus on engaging the website visitor in any of the following ways:

  1. By having them make a phone call to your law office directly

  2. By having them fill out a contact form so that your law office can reach out 

By focusing on these two calls to action, we can generate new leads effectively. 

Here's a sample contact form on one of our client's landing pages.


Measure your return on investment

Google makes it easy to know how much each new lead cost to acquire. If you spend $530 and are able to get 280 clicks (example below), of which 10% submit the lead form, you're looking at 28 leads for about $19 each. 

immigration lawyer estimates

If based on your experience, you're able to close 20% of leads, that's 5.6 new clients. If each client pays $1,000 on average for your services, that's about $5,600 in revenue on advertising spend of $530.

Could you use more clients each month?

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